Selecting Art For Your Home

Artwork is what helps define the personality of your home, creates character and genuinely improves your home. Selecting art doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  You need to select pieces that complement the room’s size, colour and style but most importantly, buy what you love. If it doesn’t make you feel great or evoke some emotion, don’t put it on your wall.

Here are some tips I learnt along the way:

  • Size Matters:  Determine how much space you have and search for pieces that are right. On a big wall a small sized frame can look dwarfed, whereas a large or oversized artwork can really create a statement and act as a focal point in a room – particularly in communal living spaces.  As a general guide, select art that will fit ½ to ¾ of the space. If you do want to go smaller think about grouping pieces together to create an interesting gallery wall
  • Choosing Colour: Often people will try to choose art to match the colour in the room. It’s a good place to start, but not the only approach. The colour of an artwork will influence the look and mood of the room. Colours in the same shade tend to add a sophisticated and elegant look whereas muted colours can be calming. Alternatively, if you want a more informal vibe, the introduction of light and bright bolder shades will really create pop and create a more casual feel.
  • Mix it up: Contrast keeps things more exciting. Think about mixing up it up and how this will up to complement your room. Different forms, artists, styles and periods can work together in interesting ways.  Don’t restrict yourself to canvas or prints - there are many objects that work well and function as art – for example old signs and mirrors. Introducing different shapes will also add interest and contrast to the lines of your room
  • Explore current trends: Current trends can be great inspiration to help you find the right piece. There are loads of fantastic sources of inspiration - Home and lifestyle magazines, social media - particularly Instagram and Pinterest, trending homewares retailers and you can usually find some tips from the HGTV channel. So, grab your favourite magazine, create yourself a mood board and start tagging what appeals to you most.

It can be daunting – but just start and have fun with it! Often it isn’t until the art is up and in front of you that you will know if you have selected a winner. But if you do change your mind, you can always try it in a different space.


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