Original Art Work - Tui in the Camelia

Feathered Birds


Tui in the Camellia by Fiona Ehn. This little guy was painted from a phot shot out on an Autumn winter walk - while the Camelia were in bloom

Tui in the Camelia is a mixed media work crafted on a wooden 350mm x300mm x 150mm 6 sided hexagon handmade wooden box.

 The painting is in rich green, pink and blue hues, and is heavily textured using cardboard, modelling clay applied through the use of stencils, and newspapers. As with all my originals, it is protected with a varnish, signed and titles on the back

Each painting is shipped out of Albany, Auckland. If you live outside NZ, please email me and I will put the painting on hold while we discuss the shipping options available

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