Original Art Work - Wimbledon 64

Retro Girls


"Wimbledon64" by Fiona Ehn is inspired by Italian tennis player - Lea Pericoli who made the Wimbledon championship 3 times and was known for her fashion on the court. This work forms part of my Retro fashion icons collection. It is a 900mm x 900mm x 50 mm on a handmade wooden boxed frame.

The painting is in red, green, blue and white, and is heavily textured using cotton papers, modelling clay applied through the use of stencils, and embossed and hand cut cardboard. As with all my originals, it is protected with a varnish, signed and titles on the back,

Each painting is shipped out of Albany, Auckland. If you live outside NZ, please email me and I will put the painting on hold while we discuss the shipping options available

If you would like to view the work in more detail, a short video can be prepared for you

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