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'Banana Split' (July 2023) art print retro style t shirt by Auckland based mixed media artist Fiona Ehn. This high-quality tee features a contemporary mixed-media art print of Grace Coddington, a Mary Quant model alongside the Mary Quant brand. It is digitally signed.

“This work is a nostalgic reflection on styles from an earlier age. The piece was painted as a tribute to Mary Quant, who recently passed away. Not only was she an outstanding fashion designer, but she was also an entrepreneur and a role model for women.”

"Banana Split" is available in a range of colours and styles via the Doodlewear artist collaboration platform.  Sweatshirts, Cushions and Tote bags also available.

Tees $52
Sweats $94
Cushions $42
Tote Prices $44
Visit the site for full range and purchasing at https://www.doodlewear.co.nz/c...

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