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Selecting Art For Your Home

Artwork is what helps define the personality of your home, creates character and genuinely improves your home. Selecting art doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  You need to select pieces that complement the room’s size, colour and style but most importantly, buy what you love. If it doesn’t make you feel great or evoke some emotion, don’t put it on your wall. Here are some tips I learnt along the way: Size Matters:  Determine how much space you have and search for pieces that are...

January 4, 2023

Introducing my new tee shirt range

I’ve had a load of fun creating my new tee-shirt range. I just love the style and sophistication from the early to late 1960s and this is where I have drawn my inspiration for this collection.  It was a period where women were becoming more confident, empowered and there was an increasing recognition of their contribution on the world stage. From a style perspective: There was the lady-like elegance inherited from the likes of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, the stylish Audrey Hepburn and ...

September 30, 2021

My Creative Process - Dealing With Those Little Accidents

I often paint and repaint a piece many times over. This week I have collected some of the old works from my garage and have been experimenting with repainting or touching them to take them in a new direction Sometimes I make mistakes when I’m working on a piece, other times I will go back to old works and feel the need to adjust them because my style has evolved, and other times I’ve just looked at something for too long and decided I no longer like it. When I start a new painting, I usually...

December 13, 2019

Navigating Basic Colour Theory

Exploring colour is one of the most exciting aspects of painting and design, and it is subjective because the colours we choose to have around us spark a range of emotional responses. The colour wheel is a great tool for understanding how colours relate to each other and how to combine them in colour schemes. The example below is from The Colour Wheel Company – however you can pick them up from most paint shops....

November 18, 2019

Creating a Textured Wallpaper Background

When it comes to creating texture, my creative process is all about experimenting with new ideas and techniques. One of my favourite products for creating texture is modelling paste. Here's are my tips to guide you through the process....

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